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    About 2BA

    Since 2004, 2BA has been managing the neutral Dutch datapool for the controlled and digital exchange of item data between the supplier and the customer on the basis of the international ETIM standards. The product information of the manufacturer, importer and/or agent is also incorporated, checked and classified here. And any additional trade information provided by the supplying wholesaler(s) can be linked to the unique manufacturer's product. This means that in our datapool, manufacturers, agents, importers and wholesalers personally maintain the product and trade data for the entire chain, keeping it complete and up to date. It’s no wonder that nowadays, more than 2,300 installation and assembly companies and more than 150 wholesalers already use product and trade information from the 2BA datapool on a daily basis.

    About the partnership

    "It is extremely necessary for manufacturers to be able to exchange their valuable product data with customers and suppliers in a structured but easy way. With Productsup as one of our software partners, data suppliers can be relieved."

    Gijsbert Boer, Data Quality and Marketing Manager, 2BA

    2BA on commerce anarchy

    “Product data: the still too often missing, incomplete, incorrect but essential part of commerce. And when you have it, you still have the constantly increasing complexity of routes to market, towards distributors, lots of requirements, fast pace… So what does it take to overcome these hurdles?”

    Martin N. Kreijenbroek, Director, 2BA

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    Utrecht (Netherlands)


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    Point-of-Purchase Partner


    Data exchange, ETIM, DICO, BMEcat

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