The P2C Maturity Model

Transform your business’ relationship to consumers

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In this whitepaper, you’ll learn

  • What the Productsup P2C Maturity Model can mean for your business
  • The various maturity levels and how to move between them
  • The next steps on your P2C transformation journey


The journeys from products to consumers have become infinitely complex. Most businesses are facing a daily struggle as they try to manage the chaotic paths to their customers. The answer is a full product-to-consumer (P2C) transformation which will radically alter your commerce and transform your future relationships with consumers.

Full P2C transformation involves getting the right P2C management tech stack deployed successfully in all operating geographies right up to the establishment of a multiple global product information value chain process management system.

Our P2C Maturity Model offers a framework for companies to evaluate where they are on the product-to-consumer journey. It also provides further valuable benchmarks with which the Productsup P2C teams can assess and support the businesses.