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A consistent product story is the backbone of a great experience. Thanks for helping us share ours by using our official logos and boilerplate.


Productsup provides an innovative SaaS platform that empowers brands and retailers to optimize and syndicate their product content to all digital marketing, shopping and business channels, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Walmart. With agile data and seamless connectivity, the award-winning company helps customers break through data silos and get their products to market quickly. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Productsup is trusted by more than 800 businesses worldwide, including five Fortune 20 companies and market leaders like IKEA, Superdry and ALDI.


We’ve designed logos fit for any placement. Our white logo is designed for colored backgrounds - and our colored logo for white background.

Productsup logo
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Productsup logo white
Productsup logo white - up
Productsup logo white - arrow
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