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Product To Consumer Management Powers Future Commerce Opportunities

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As inflation begins to make an impact across the developed economies, many businesses are looking to reduce costs and save resources. This study will reveal where your peers see growth and opportunities in the next 12 months. Learn why the majority of decision-makers working with product data are confident they can improve performance by combining data sources and leveraging insights to create compelling customer experiences.

This Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Productsup details the topics that are shaping the strategies of 385 decision-makers responsible for their organization’s product data strategy in APAC, EU, and NA. For example, 85% of the respondents recognize the importance of improving their customer experiences, and significantly, 63% are looking to invest more in social commerce channels.*

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This study will reveal:

  • 12-month outlook from 385 leading decision-makers responsible for product data
  • Common challenges to providing excellent customer experiences
  • The best strategy and solutions to combat commerce anarchy

* A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Productsup