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Future of Retail 2020

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  • How retail can be more than “just a job”
  • The future of high street stores in a digital era
  • How subscription sales is shaping retail
  • How to stay agile and ahead of the game
  • Conscious consumerism and ethical retail practices
  • Customer expectations of the retail experience
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Report summary

Today’s shoppers are passionate and complex, with high expectations. In order to succeed, businesses, both online and in-store, will need to look closely at the customer experience. How do consumers shop? What do they value? And how can agile retailers adapt to meet those needs?

Looking to explore trends and technologies shaping the industry, the challenges facing retailers today and what it takes for them to stay relevant? Take a look at the complete Future of Retail report from Raconteur, published in The Times UK.

With topics ranging from the digitization of brick-and-mortar stores to the rise of modest clothing, the report covers several key topics that will help you make sense of the modern retail landscape.

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