Retail Channel Shock –breaking down digital walls

7. März 2019

Do you know how to win and retain customers in an environment disrupted by digital technology?
Empowered by technology, consumers are increasingly in control of how, when and where they interact with organizations. Retail is at the epicentre of disruption as digital technology changes customer expectations and experiences.
To win in this new world, retailers and brands must enable consistent and relevant experiences across multiple touchpoints, both their own and those of partners. But how can companies do this? Find out by watching the recording of our expert webinar on how organizations have to react to changing customer expectations.

What you'll learn:

    The latest research on changing customer behaviour
    Where customers shop and get information from
    Digital product data disruption in retail
    Which internal and channel digital walls need to come down
Presented by:
Ping Hao, CEO and Founder of Brand3P – Ping’s company Brand3P advises brands on how to establish an ecommerce strategy for and Amazon. In her previous role as Associate Director at Marketplace, Ping built out the Walmart global ecommerce Marketplace platform.
Michelle Beeson, Forrester Analyst – Michelle works as a Forrester Analyst serving eBusiness and Channel Strategy Professionals. Michelle’s research covers digital commerce and how organizations engage with customers.