Feedside chat with Rakuten Advertising real-world learnings and insights to help businesses stay on top today

19. Juni 2020

Even today’s most data-driven and prepared businesses are changing their habits amidst the current pandemic. While it’s easy for brands and retailers to feel overwhelmed, there’s a lot businesses can learn from the pros.
That’s why we’re sitting down with Kelly Dougherty, senior product feed strategist at Rakuten Advertising, to get the key learnings and hands-on tips that businesses will want to know.

What you'll learn:

    The most common problems brands and retailer's face right now and how to respond
    How real-world, global businesses are adapting and thriving
    New opportunities and burgeoning shopping trends
    Key recommended changes to make to your feed to maximize results
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Kelly Dougherty, Senior Product Feed Strategist @ Rakuten - Kelly's day to day duties consist of creating, manipulating, and managing product data feeds for all shopping engines. She takes pride in ensuring client feeds are of utmost quality and meet each channels specific requirements. Her keen eye and creative nature allows her to easily detect data discrepancies and find quick solutions to resolve feed problems. <br /> Katie, Head of Client Success Americas & Australia @ Productsup - Katie has worked in the e-commerce space for 11 years starting on the agency side, then direct with Google for 2 years moving to Productsup 5 years ago to grow the US Productsup team. She is a Feed Fighter, Marketer, Coordinator, Organizer and Motivator managing a global team for Productsup. <br /> Chris Dessi, VP of Sales Americas and Australia @ Productsup - Chris is a renowned industry entrepreneur, personal branding expert, author, and TEDx speaker. He has more than 20 years of B2B SaaS sales experience, having held senior positions at Zanox, Buddy Media (acquired by Salesforce), and Epic Advertising. Prior to joining Productup, he served as VP of Sales at PerformLine after it acquired his own digital marketing agency, SilverBack Social, in 2017.