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January 21, 2020
Drive more sales with Shopping on Pinterest
Millions of consumers use Pinterest everyday to discover new products and trends—and they love to get inspired. In fact, nearly 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest. How can brands turn all of these new trends into real revenue and drive more sales?

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Drive more sales with Shopping on Pinterest

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15. September 2020

How to succeed with Pinterest Shopping

Shoppers want to be inspired. In fact 66% of shoppers say the inspiration phase is influential when determining what to buy. So how can you reach shoppers in this stage and turn that inspiration into sales? Shopping on Pinterest makes it easy to get shoppers excited about your products - and with th

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2. September 2020

Will social commerce kill the classic online shop? A panel discussion with Salesforce

By the end of 2020, all major social platforms will have launched new social commerce offerings. This has clear relevance for businesses advertising to younger audiences, but it is also important for brands and retailers across all verticals and across all ages. When it comes to mastering social co

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13. August 2020

Contextual commerce – the next game changer in Ecommerce

Imagine that: everything you see can be bought! Contextual commerce realizes this scenario by integrating purchase options into everyday life of potential customers outside the conventional online shop. By providing “shoppable content” Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as well as many other channels

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20. Juli 2020

Forrester, Facebook & StrikeTru: Insights on how to successfully maneuver ecommerce in 2020

Ecommerce was evolving rapidly before COVID-19. However, it seems that the pace, urgency, and demands of ecommerce have exponentially increased in a very short time. What is really going on? Join us for a look at these forces in action from the point of view of: a merchant trying to plot a profita

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25. Juni 2020

Kickstart your global expansion with tailored product data and Cdiscount

Online shoppers are regularly purchasing products from countries other than their own. In fact, cross-border ecommerce is set to reach $627 billion in sales by 2022, making up 20% of all ecommerce. For brands and online retailers who can adapt, this trend opens the door to a variety of new markets a

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19. Juni 2020

Feedside chat with Rakuten Advertising: real-world learnings and insights to help businesses stay on top today

Even today’s most data-driven and prepared businesses are changing their habits amidst the current pandemic. While it’s easy for brands and retailers to feel overwhelmed, there’s a lot businesses can learn from the pros. That’s why we’re sitting down with Kelly Dougherty, senior product feed strate

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