Bax music drives an impressive 20% in-store revenue uplift with Google Local Inventory ads

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    • 20.8%

      in-store revenue increase

    • Higher

      conversion rates

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    The case

    Bax Music is one of the Netherlands’ largest and most trusted musical instrument and equipment retailers, offering products from 1250+ top brands. The company’s mission is to make music accessible to everyone in Europe through top-notch customer service and support. Everything they do is for the customer and to empower the world to make music. The company is more than an online shop and physical store; they’re a trusted business committed to making the customer happy.

    Bax Music is not only a prominent online seller across Europe, they also maintain four brick-and-mortar stores located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Goes, and Antwerp.

    When Bax Music first got online, their aim was to boost product visibility and increase their online sales. However, as technology continued to boom, they realized they would also need to find a way to use technology to boost in-store traffic and sales. At that point, since they were already familiar with Google Shopping, the company decided to turn their attention towards Google Local Inventory ads.

    Bax Music knew that Google Local Inventory ads would allow them to leverage their shop locations and local inventories to drive foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores. However, this ad format was not yet widely used in Europe. Thus they would first need to prepare and submit their feed to Google for approval. With the help of Productsup, they were able to achieve this and become one of the first retailers in Europe to ever use the ad format.

    The challenges

    In getting their product feeds set up for Google LIAs, Bax Music would face three main obstacles.

    1. Structuring and customizing product feeds for each of their three brick-and-mortar locations

    Due to the nature of Google Local inventory ads, Google’s product feed requirements would be vastly different than those for Google Shopping. This meant that Bax Music would need to start from scratch. Plus, their product inventories varied by location, which made it impossible to create a one-size-fits-all product feed for all of their brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, the company would need to create a unique local inventory feed for each of their three locations.

    Each feed would need to include the product attributes required by Google: Item ID, Quantity (availability), Price, and Storecode. With over 50,000 SKUs in total, acquiring and matching each of these variables to the correct product would be no easy, or quickly achieved, feat.

    2. Ensuring there was always a value within the product quantity field

    Google requires every product to have a value in the quantity field. This means, if a product is unavailable it should say “0” instead of being left blank. If a product’s numeric quantity is missing, Bax Music would risk having their products disapproved by Google. But going through each and every cell to ensure a quantity was present would take Bax Music ages and would slow down the entire process for getting their LIA ads live.

    3. Maintaining control of which products to advertise

    Though Bax Music had already been leveraging Google Shopping for their online shops for quite some time, their advertising strategy would need to be adapted and implemented to fit the unique opportunities of Local Inventory ads.

    The company was well aware that it didn’t make financial sense to advertise unprofitable products within their online shops and thought the same about in-store products. Bax Music determined that products below a certain margin shouldn’t be advertised. But this was not something that could be done within Merchant Center and doing it manually would be time-consuming. Bax Music needed to find a more efficient way of identifying and excluding these products from their feed.

    The solutions

    Luckily, Bax Music was already using Productsup to manage their Google Shopping feeds. The power of the software, combined with Productsup’s first-class support team, meant that preparing Local Inventory feeds from scratch would be a breeze!

    1. Integrated Google LIA feed template

    Structuring the perfect, channel-ready feeds for Google Local Inventory ads required no manual work thanks to Productsup’s integrated channel template. With all of the required attributes included in an easy-to-manipulate template, getting their feeds into perfect form was as easy as a few drags and a few drops.

    2. Automated value setting for quantity

    Productsup’s smart data edit boxes made it quick and easy to ensure an accurate number was present in the quantity field of each SKU. The “Set Value if Empty” box allowed them to create a rule that changed any empty fields in the quantity column to “0.” This way, they didn’t need to go through manually looking for missing or incomplete product data, which saved them a huge amount of time!

    3. Advertise products based on profit margin

    In order to get the most out of their advertising spend, Bax Music leveraged several data edit boxes to create rules concerning which products to export. The “Skip Multicondition” rule box allowed them to automatically skip poor-performing products. This cut advertising spend and ensured that only profitable products would be advertised.


    With the help of Productsup, Bax Music is now running Local Inventory Ads for all three of their shops in the Netherlands without having to do any manual work. With the tools required to maximize their teams efficiency, paired with the power of LIAs, Bax Music has seen an incredible boost in both online and offline performance.

    Increased in-store revenue: Within just one year Bax Music recorded an increase in in-store revenue for all three of their brick-and-mortar stores in the Netherlands. The result was an average revenue uplift of 20.8%.

    Improved online revenue & conversion: The Productsup software has allowed Bax Music to quickly and easily fuel their ads with perfectly structured, optimized, product content. Their high-quality product feeds played a huge role in helping them to achieve a dramatic increase in ad revenue and conversion on both desktop and mobile.

    Minimized CPC: The power of the Productsup platform in getting their Local Inventory ads live combined with support from their comparison shopping service partner (CSS) lead to a substantial decrease in CPCfor both their Rotterdam and Amsterdam store ads.


    Use Case

    Google Local Inventory ads

    Number of products


    Number of feeds


    Number of store locations



    • Boost in-store traffic
    • Maintain control of advertising strategy
    • Get ads live as quickly as possible


    Bax Music wants to empower every musician, DJ, and producer in Europe to make, share, and listen to music. The company aims to help make creative dreams a reality. Music is passion and experience, and Bax Music doesn’t just want to be part of that, they want to make a positive contribution to the world and enjoyment of music. They hope to do this by offering more services, more support, more passion, more experience, and most importantly, more music than was available ever before.


    The Productsup support team always want to improve and challenge both us and themselves!

    Bart van de Casteel
    SEA Marketeer

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