Automate your product content syndication with our SAP Premium Certified solution


    We are thrilled to announce that Productsup Data Syndication 1.2 recently became one of the first products to achieve SAP premium certification for integration with SAP applications!

    SAP Premium Certification

    This elite certification proves that the technical integration of Productsup data syndication 1.2 has met the high-quality standards set by SAP and has shown accelerated innovation. Further, it has solidified our enterprise-grade solution in the product content aggregation and syndication ecosystem.

    To clarify, Productsup Data Syndication 1.2 is a top add-on for SAP Hybris Commerce 6. As a world leader in enterprise applications of software and services, SAP Hybris stands for quality and innovation. With 87% of Forbes Global 2000 being SAP customers, they are at the forefront of cutting-edge PCM and commerce. The integration with SAP Hybris enables automated, streamlined product content syndication.

    For more information about the key features, benefits, and target industry, see Productsup's listing in the SAP Certified Solutions Directory.

    How SAP Hybris customers can use Productsup

    SAP Hybris customers can use Productsup on both sides of the commerce spectrum, whether to import product content from suppliers and manufacturers or to expand their business share on digital channels.

    bris Productsup Workflow

    Here is a brief overview of both options:

    Product content integration [Acquire]: Product content can be imported through Productsup into SAP Hybris. This way, by the time it arrives there, the product content has already been structured, cleaned, and prepared according to the requirements and specifications of SAP Hybris. Once the product content is in Hybris, it can be exported to all four core commerce channels: website, mobile, point of sale (POS), and print catalogue.

    Feed management [Publish]: On the other end, SAP Hybris clients can use Productsup to create enriched and customized feeds for more than 1500 shopping and marketing channels. From Google Merchant and Manufacturer Center to Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook and all major retailers, Hybris customers can streamline and automate their product content distribution.

    As part of the certification, Productsup Data Syndication 1.2 is now listed among the industry’s strongest in the online directory of SAP certified solutions.