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We help companies break through the digital walls of the 21st century.

What we offer

Productsup provides an award-winning platform for feed management, product content syndication, marketplace integration, and seller onboarding. The platform empowers businesses to take complete control of their product data and break through the digital walls that hinder growth. With Productsup, businesses can syndicate content to digital marketing, shopping, or business channels, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, and more. Productsup is trusted by more than 800 businesses worldwide, including 5 Fortune 20 companies and market leaders like IKEA, Walmart, Superdry, and Rakuten.
Johannis Hatt
The customer journey does not happen in a silo. We believe that breaking down digital walls is key to unlocking potential for modern businesses. Our aim is to make complete channel connectivity - and product data management - easy.
Johannis Hatt

Started from scratch, now we’re here

In 2009, Kai Seefeldt was running an online shop for printer supplies. He was always on the lookout for innovative ways to acquire customers. When Google Shopping launched, Kai immediately wanted to get on board – but there was a problem. He first needed to connect his products with Google’s platform. As time went on, he noticed Google favoring businesses with high-quality product data by directing more shoppers their way.
Kai wanted to find a way to connect to Google’s platform efficiently and turn average product data into something great. He started to develop the tools to do so and, soon enough, Productsup was born. Now, our platform empowers customers to integrate and prepare data not only for Google Shopping but also for thousands of other marketing, business, and retail channels.

Productsup leadership team

Johannis Hatt
Founder & Managing Director
Kai Seefeldt
Founder & Managing Director
Marcel Hollerbach
Board Member & Demand Generation
Vincent Peters
Lena Wisser
Customer Success
Kasi Schulz
Roland Fiala
Boris Penck
R&D & Operations
Patrick Schumacher
Christopher Dessi
VP of Sales Americas & ANZ
Christian Reichert
Sales EMEA
Maximilian Kleinsorge
Emile Bloemen
Strategic Partnerships

One Team, a lot of talent

"We built our culture around our people, and our platform around our customers."
Johannis Hatt
Stefan Ahrens
Senior Client Partner US
Radoje Albijanic
Backend Developer
Rosa Alkan
Associate Business Development Representative
Hannah Augur
Senior Content Creator
Matt Bailey
Director Sales UK & Nordics
Evelyn Balarezo
Client Success Manager US
Nensi Bektashi
Working Student Solutions
Annike M. Brake
Head of Client Success EMEA
Andre Bräntner
Site Reliability Engineer
Ben Bushman
Senior Client Partner US
Mariana Carvalho
Graphic Designer
Catherine Chege
In-House Office Cleaner
Moumita Choudhury
Business Development Representative Commerce
Brandon David Cohen
Business Development Representative
Holly Colbert
Integration Manager
Phoebe Comerford-Flynn
Junior Online Marketing Manager
Arvin Corpuz
Devops Engineer
Natalia Cozma
Senior Recruiting Manager
Niklas Dedeyne
Product Manager
Farah Devaux
Integration Manager France
Boris Dimitrov
Software Engineer
Kabutey Ebeheakey
Client Success Manager US
Niklas Faust
Legal Counsel
Matthias Ferch
Senior Frontend Developer
Till Fiedler
Graphic Designer
Angelina Frisch
Senior Integration Manager
Jens Fromme
Senior Commerce Integration Manager
Madeleine Gabel
Solution Engineer
Lukas Geissler
BDR Trainee
Bastien Genty
BDR Trainee
Yuri Georgiev
Web Developer
Mischa Gorinskat
Team Lead API
Paul Green
Head of Integration
Paulina Gueorguieva
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Mauri Cesar Guerreiro
Sales Operations Manager
Chris Holley
Enterprise Client Partner US
Goran Ivanov
Backend Developer
Rugile Jankauskaite
Product Manager
William Johnson
Solutions Engineer
Meike Jordan
Head of HR
Christopher Jähn
Senior Business Development Representative
Maruska Kapic
Strategic Account Manager EMEA
Marius Kelpsa
Frontend Developer
Anton Khrol
Senior Backend Developer
Yvonne Kloiber
Team Lead Performance Marketing
Anne Kluge
Office Manager
Myrto Koumoundourou
UX Designer
Aleš Krajník
Team Lead Backend (Core)
Moritz Kunke
BDR Trainee
Marilena Kyriakou
Senior Client Success Manager EMEA
Vasja Laharnar
Backend Developer
Fabian Lahl
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Violet Lee
Senior Client Success Manager ANZ
Guillaume Lefranc
Team Lead Operations
Theresa Leinberger
Team Lead Business Development
Noa Levav
Recruiting and Employer Branding Manager
Travis Levers
Senior Client Success Manager US
Lauren Lindsey
strategic Partner Manager
Björn Lorenz
Financial Accountant
Vaidas Lungis
Senior Backend Developer
Sylvain Martin Saint Léon
Senior Backend Developer
Theresa Maasch
Project Manager - Academy
Emmett Malee
Senior Business Development Representative
Stefano Mandola
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Alexandra Maximova
Enterprise Client Partner
Anthony McGee
Technical Writer
Agnes Menke
Senior Accounting Manager
Sebastian Merx
Working Student Business Development
Scott Meslin
Senior Client Success Manager
Adriana Millán
Senior Client Success Manager Americas
Stefanie Mogdanz
Project Manager Academy
Katie Moro
Head of Client Success US & ANZ
Tim Neill
Team Lead Frontend
Leonardo de Nevi
Technical Product Manager
Ulla Nicolae
Office Manager
Derek O'Dwyer
Client Success Manager EMEA
Aviya Oren
Team Lead Product Management
Adrian Oteng-Owusu
Solution Engineer
Xacobe Pajares
Client Success Manager EMEA
Margherita Penta
Senior Client Success Manager EMEA
David Peña
Working Student Solutions
Davor Plehati
Senior Backend Developer
Lisa Prommer
HR Manager
Oliwier Ptak
Senior Backend Developer
Patrick Quinn
Senior Client Partner
Niclas Rabel
Senior Solutions Engineer
Raelene Ralston
Client Success Manager ANZ
Carolin Rippe
Product Marketing Manager
Mathieu Robin
Enterprise Client Partner EMEA
William Rolland
Online Marketing Manager
Markus Rottmaier
Chief Advisor Growth
John Sardelic
Director ANZ
Lena Schäfer
Finance & Accounting Intern
Timo Schäfer
Senior Backend Developer
Volker Schmidt
Strategic Advisor
Cristian Sierralta
Senior Motion Graphic Designer
Andrew Singh
Client Success Manager EMEA
Žan Skoporc
Senior Backend Developer
Stefan Sonntag
SVP Soultions Engineering
Werner Spiegel
Senior Software Developer
Dominik Stapf
Backend Developer
Nicolai Storz
Senior Backend Developer
Aly Suleiman
Senior Backend Developer
Anna Szudrzynska
Team Lead Performance Marketing
Nir Tal
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Yorick Terweijden
R&D Engineer
Juan Jose Gonzalez Tinajero
Working Student Solutions
Armand Tiphonnet
Business Development Representative
Florina Tise
Web Developer
Madalina Tarkowian
Senior PR Manager
Regina Ulman
Financial Analyst
Arvydas Vapsva
Team Lead Feature
Tatevik Vasilyan
Senior UI Designer
Jurgen de Vries
Senior Client Partner Benelux
Robert Weber
Senior Project Manager Academy
Harry Whitford
Senior Business Development Representative
Hauke J. Wiese
Solutions Consultant EMEA
Kate Wittstock
Client Success Manager EMEA
Lucas Wojcik
Chief Information Security Officer
Ralf Wollner
Senior Client Partner DACH

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